Things to Look for When Buying Diamonds

If you are looking to buy diamonds you may have questions about what to look for. How do differentiate higher quality diamonds from lower quality stones? When looking at diamonds you need to consider the 4Cs:

  • Cut: A small but sparkly diamond will look bigger than a larger dull diamond. This is the most important attribute of the stone. The cut is different from the shape (oval, round, etc.). The better cuts do cost more due to the work they require but it is more important to get a well cut stone than a big one.
  • Clarity: While smaller diamonds will have fewer imperfections, the larger the stone the more likely it is that you will see them. Some can be hidden and some cannot. The clarity of the diamond becomes more important as you look at bigger gemstones.
  • Color: Like clarity, the color of a diamond matters more in bigger stones than smaller ones because it is more noticeable. Certain shapes can mask the color. Round diamonds sparkle more so the color is not as evident. Our eyes react to sparkle more than color.
  • Carat: Size should not be the determining factor and the weight may not always be the best way to measure size. One thing to remember, diamond prices are measured by the half carat so a diamond that is .98 carats has the same price tag as one that is half a carat.