Greenleaf Dollhouses: A Brief History of the Dollhouse

Dollhouses have long been a traditional toy or gift for any child or collector. Dollhouses today may look modern but there are always those who still go for the classic style ones. However, if you’re one of those people who like wide selection of dollhouses that have both the classic and modern style, then look no further because Greenleaf Dollhouses is the right brand for you.

A Brief History

Greenleaf dollhouses have been in the business of making these miniature pieces since 1947. With hard work and perseverance, founder Anthony Roberts found himself making a place in any collector’s history by establishing the world’s largest and oldest dollhouses manufacturer. As time passed, the generations changed and so did Greenleaf. The business has now become the largest and arguably the most popular maker of dollhouse kits marketed under the known name of Greenleaf Products. In 1993, they decided to come out with a line of dollhouses marketed under Corona Concepts, offering high-quality products with a wide range of styles and sizes. With this, Corona house became known for its simpler style as opposed to the more intricate Greenleaf houses. According to them, Greenleaf and Corona meet the needs of the beginning crafter to the more serious miniature enthusiasts. Both lines are now manufactured under exacting standards in upstate New York and provide an exciting and satisfying craft and collectible experience with the widest variety of choice for customers.

Dollhouse Popularity

Greenleaf dollhouses are so popular because they make products which both adults and children can enjoy. From miniature furniture to quality wooden dollhouse collections, all are a combination of exceptional design, intricate detail, and affordable prices. Their dollhouses and craft kits instructions are clear and illustrated exceptionally, making the assembly relatively easier even for the entry-level collector. They require no tools, no nails, and no fuss and a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” warranty comes with every dollhouse kit they sell.

With over 50 years of experience, it’s no wonder why Greenleaf dollhouse are a staple in many collector’s pieces. Other manufacturers can learn a thing or two from the humble beginnings of this brand, as they expand and sell their products in thousands of shops across the globe including USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and many European countries as well.

A dollhouse is the perfect toy or hobby for anyone, whether child or adult, and a Greenleaf dollhouse is the perfect place to start your miniature collection journey.

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